CMATVA Mileage Club Decal

CMATVA Mileage Club Decal

from 6.00

Now offering Central Mountains ATV Association merchandise! This mileage club decal is a new item now available to association members! This decal is only offered in one size!

Customers also have the unique option to personalize this item by adding a separate MILEAGE tag for an additional charge! Customers will have the choice of adding up to 3 different mileages per decal!

(Mileage 1 + $2.00, Mileage 2 + $4.00, and Mileage 3 + $6.00)

PLEASE NOTE: This particular item is made from high-grade ORACAL outdoor vinyl. It is meant to withstand extreme heat and cold. It can also be stuck to any surface including coffee mugs, drinking glasses, signs, vehicles, walls, windows, and more!


  • full color design

  • 5” x 5” contour-cut shape

  • ORACAL outdoor vinyl

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