WTP Detailing Towels

WTP Detailing Towels


Check out the newest addition to our website! Wicked Tough Products premium quality microfiber towels are a popular choice in the auto-detailing industry! Made on premium 80/20 380 gsm microfiber, these detailing towels are the perfect choice to keep your vehicle lint and scratch free! The pack comes with two 16” x 16” towels, two 12” x 12” towels, and one bonus square wax applicator!


  1. Always remove any tags on microfiber products to minimize the risk of marring paint.

  2. Always wash new microfiber towels prior to using them for the first time.

  3. Never use fabric softener when washing or drying your towels.

  4. Group your towels together, such as paint safe towels, wheel and tire towels, interior towels, etc.

  5. Adding distilled white vinegar to your rinse cycle can help further clean your microfiber.

  6. If your towels lose their absorbency, try boiling them to dissolve residue and reopen the pores.


  • 6.4 oz.

  • 80% polyester, 20% polyamide 380 GSM microfiber

  • ultra soft, thick, dense, and super absorbent

  • perfect for final-touch buffing and wiping

  • dual-weave design extends the use for various applications

  • luxurious silk stitching on edges to prevent scratching

  • exceptional performance and durability

  • satin label

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