Nestled in a valley along the Appalachian Mountains in central Pennsylvania, Diamond Graphics and Apparel is a small-town graphic design shop with big-city aspirations. First established in 2010, the shop was originally called Custom Creations Signs and Designs. After a few years of practice and getting his name out there, founder Jason DeJesus decided it was time to go in a new direction to coincide with the many positive changes happening throughout his life.

Originally from Queens, New York, Jason started to learn his entrepreneurship skills and personal goals at a young age. After moving around frequently growing up, he eventually began attending the prominent high school known as the Milton Hershey School located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. After graduating, he continued his college education at Lock Haven University in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania majoring in Business Management.

To help incorporate his early years from the big city, Jason strived to make sure his business was more modern and up-to-date with the current trends and styles of the 21st century. Looking to offer as many items to his customers as possible, he chose to specialize in a wide range of products and services. Diamond Graphics and Apparel can design and create anything from custom decals to business logos and signage to sports team apparel. We're proud to live up to our customers expectations as the only "one-stop graphics shop" in Clinton County, Pennsylvania.

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After many years of trial and error and choosing to immerse himself in the imprinted sportswear and digital graphics worlds, Jason discovered that his business would be more successful if he surrounded himself with more knowledgeable, like-minded employees to aid him in pursuing his goals. Considering his business is small-scale, currently his staff consists of only one graphic designer and one installation artist. Despite those limitations, Diamond Graphics and Apparel has become one of the best well-known graphics shops in Clinton County and the surrounding areas.

Steadily progressing in talent and efficiency, his shop has flourished and drastically transformed. His eagerness to succeed and intuitive determination helped him to come up with a broad spectrum of products that would be offered in his store. He also was adamant about marketing his business online so his products could be available to any individuals who weren't local or lived out of town. This decision has benefited his business so much, many other businesses and non-profit groups have begun to inquire about listing their own products and apparel stores from his online store. Through the help of his brother, Jason has even come up with an effective pricing system that allows him to easily and precisely calculate estimates and price quotes more quickly.

During the start of the business--when the shop was still known as Custom Creations Signs and Designs--Diamond Graphics and Apparel mostly offered limited custom clothing, smaller vinyl decals and banners, yard signs, basic flyers and postcards, and simple custom logos mostly chosen from graphic catalogues. Now it has evolved into designing professionally made graphics, performing custom-printed vehicle wraps and other visual designs, and completing large-scale business, school, and sports team clothing orders. Something also quite unique about Diamond Graphics and Apparel is that customers are able to make personal requests for their own original custom logos. No matter what you think of, our designer can reproduce your idea and bring it to life. All through the implementation of complimentary logo design.